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Learn how to teach and nurture your child to grow up emotionally healthy with a balanced outlook on themselves and others by being prepared in pregnancy and also developing your parenting toolbox of skills while they are young.

Has your teen recently left school and/or looking to consider their educational/career options soon?

Schellhammer Business School in Estepona  offers a range of higher education programmes including a pre-University Foundation Program, undergraduate Bachelor of Bus...

Today, 15th April, is Children’s Day here in Spain! (except in Madrid where it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May).

This commemorative day for children, was first introduced in June 1856 by Rev. Dr Charles Leonard in his church where he held a special service de...

Getting to know kids and teens from southern Spain and Gibraltar. What they like to do, what they think about and more. Read the first blog post from Gabriel aged 9 who goes to Novaschool Sunland International in Malaga.

More and more dads are now finding themselves single parents. facing many different challenges. Find out how single dad, Daniel is coping and his advice on how to overcome many of the challenges facing single dads today.

KOTC are inspiring kids and teens to write with our creative writing competition. Our winners event was a very special occasion as we got to meet the children, parents and teachers. Radio and TV interviews and presentation ceremony...

Kids on the Costa are proud to recommend to parents with babies, toddlers, tweens and teens the Costa del Sol's fantastic indoor and outdoor play and party centre, Mundo Mania, in Estepona.

Since it opened in December 2016 the response from parents, who bring their kids...

One of the world’s leading opticians, Specsavers, has noticed a worrying trend in increasing eye problems, particularly myopia (short-sightedness), in children and are advising parents to limit screen time, make sure that kids get plenty of time outside and that they h...

Families of many different nationalities now live on the Spanish Costas, and in some cases one of the parents live in a different country. Setting up a stable and fixed pattern of visits for the non-custodial parent is always important, but it is particularly important...

With almost three months off school during the summer holidays here in southern Spain, some kids will be keen to get back to school now after struggling to keep themselves happy and occupied for so long whilst other kids will find it harder to get out of the way of tha...

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"Can I say thank you thank you thank you...not only have you provided me with exactly the information I needed when just moving here, but I found some great Christian resources and thoroughly enjoyed reading your articles on finding your purpose in life. I totally didn't expect to spend my entire day reading your magazine and following the links, but that is exactly what I did. Thank you again for such a great resource and read."  -- Danielle Polage


We are looking for kids, teens, parents, and those with specialised interest on all areas of family life, including health, education, fitness, social, spiritual and more that can provide helpful, fun and inspirational blogs and vlogs. If you would like to reach thousands of parents and families in Spain and all over the world too, then Kids on the Costa is the place to get noticed!



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