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Do you live in southern Spain or Gibraltar? Or perhaps you go there on holiday? If yes, we're looking for kids and teens that would love to contribute to our exciting new blog and vlog.


If you love to write/take video footage then this is a great way to talk about your passions, build confidence and help with your communication skills. It's also a great way to help other kids and teens to learn about many things in this part of the world and kid and teen stuff in general!  Here are some topics we'd love for you to blog or vlog about:

  • school life

  • family life

  • friendships

  • where you live (town only - no personal information shared)

  • books/authors

  • movies/actors/directors/film-making

  • music/artists

  • gaming and board games or other types of games

  • clubs and activities

  • arts and crafts

  • sports

  • health

  • foods

  • hobbies

  • animals/pets

  • travel

  • environmental issues

  • history and historical figures

  • inspirational people

  • inventions and inventors

  • politics and the economy

  • faith

  • education, careers and jobs

  • social media/trends

  • fashion/designs

  • hopes and fears / dreams and goals

  • recommendations on where to go/what to do in this part of the world




Please note if you are under the age of 16 we will need your parent's or guardian's permission before publishing. Please provide an email address or tel number when sending your content to enable us to verify approval before we publish.


We will not accept any written work or video footage with inappropriate language or inappropriate content that is deemed offensive.  Please get a parent, grandparent, guardian or teacher to check before submitting to ensure there is no issues with the content.  With that said....

"We're excited to hear your thoughts/views/insights/likes/dislikes...."

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