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Most parents today feel overwhelmed and out of control at some stage with their child and teenager's behaviour. As you know, being a parent is the hardest job in the world, and even more so when you combine it with having to work and possibly dealing with ill health and other challenges in your life.  However, there is hope - and help available - to enable you to take back control and become an empowered parent that is able to balance the pressures of family life with love, joy and gratitude.


Each parent may have unique challenges to their child or family problem, however, there are important techniques and practices that you can learn or get help with to help not only your child but also to manage your stress, feelings, outlook and teach these to your children to help create a balanced family environment and take the pressure off of you.

These techniques and practices are from parents and professionals that have seen how they are empowering to every parent no matter whether they live in Spain or any other part of the world, however, we will also be covering some that are specific to parents living on the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar.


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