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PodoMediSan Foot Specialist

Foot and gait analysis using the advanced digital scanners RS Scan and Paromed to determine if your postural complaints start at your feet.  Our tailor-made insoles are easy to clean, comfortable to sue and correctly adjusted to your shoes.  High quality Dutch manufacture, durable and flexible materials.  Prescribed for posture problems, growing pains, tripping over, sport injuries etc.  Excellent service and checks every 6 months to fine-tune the insoles while growing.  Stockists of FinnComfort, Ecco, Birkenstock and Start-Rite.


The Dental Studio

Family friendly dentist that offers the highest quality and personal service to each patient. We offer a range of services from general dentistry to orthodontics, surgery and implantology at the best prices.  Fillings from only 20 euros.


MarDenta Family Dental Practice

MarDenta is a friendly, approachable family dental practice in Marbella.  With NHS experience and a focus on patient care, we combine orthodontic expertise with all round dental treatments for complete care for all the family.  Our experienced team are great with kids and know how to make them relax and feel comfortable.  We work with the children and their parents to get the best care plan for strong, healthy teeth which look great.  Trust MarDenta to offer quality dental care with plenty of kindness, patience and always a happy smile.  We are specialists in braces for kids and adults.


Hospital Ceram

Provides private healthcare focusing on patient care. With all medical specialities and 24 hour emergency service you will be cared for in English at all times. All international insurances with a reimbursement policy are accepted and directly handled by the hospital.


Emergency First Response - First Aid Courses

Attend an Emergency First Response Paediatric/Adult CPR & First Aid Course with Irish Midwife, Anne Halfpenny. Flexible training schedules leading to registration in the UK for Parents, Teachers, Trainers, Teens.  Antenatal courses, Postnatal care and support groups also available

Costa del Sol

Paediatric Clinic

Dr Luzdivina is a qualified paediatrician with 20 years experience including postgraduate studies in Paediatrics Neumology and Allergies.  She prides herself on delivering compassionate and comprehensive medical services to children from birth through adolescence.  Her friendly, knowledgeable and helpful approach to the well being of children ensures that English and Spanish speaking parents feel reassured and in excellent care.


Pediatrics for Children and Teens

Dr Rocio Estella's practice in Marbella offers a range of vital health services to children and teenagers, including: General Pediatrics, Annual Check-ups, Vaccines, Travel Medicine, Child Psychology Team, Training and First Aid Courses, Ultrasounds.  Home visits available.  To make an appointment Tel 628 105 000 or visit website.


Pregnancy Care

Obgyn Marbella is a 3D/4D Scanning and Gynaecology Private Clinic providing excellent pregnancy care. Antenatal Clinics, British-trained consultant, Blood tests done on-site, Private deliveries, Screening for Cervical and other Gynaecological cancers, Colposcopy-guided smear tests, Ambulatory surgery, STDs Clinic and Screening, COIL insertion, Emergency calls and other services.  Please enquire about our 'Complete Annual Well Woman Clinic'.  No medical referral needed for this service.


Child Psychology Center

Hellerhof Kidz Center, managed by an experienced Child Psychologist and Psychotherapist Alexandra Geller, can help with Learning Difficulties, Social Difficulties, Mood Swings, Anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Parental separation or divorce, Sleep problems and many more.  We speak English, Russian, German and Spanish.


Counselling and Coaching

Feeling down? Relationship difficulties? Just want to talk? Feeling Stuck? Doing things to excess? Jean Watson is an experienced Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Coach and is just one small step away from helping through the highly effective Skype Therapy. Whether you are an individual or couple, Jean can help you to better manage stress, assertiveness, depression, anger, relationships, addiction and more - all from the comfort of your own home and at a time that is convenient to you.  If you have just recently moved to Spain, it can be difficult to adjust for you and your children.  Taking the time to speak to someone to help sort out some issues that are causing you to not live the life you want.  Visit Jean's website and book a free 15 minute non theraputic taster session.

World Wide

The Kids Coach

If you are a parent, it's really hard to see your children or teenagers be unhappy or struggle with things like bullying, friendships and self-esteem. Sometimes neither they, nor you, are sure of how to handle situations so they feel good about themselves. If your child needs key life-skills, yet won't let you help them – or you are just not sure how to go about it – then this is where coaching can make a big difference. Coaching gives them, or you, a solid foundation and positive, practical and immediate tools to use. As the kids coach here in Marbella, I support children, teenagers and their parents to learn to solve problems and make growing up that bit easier – and happier for everyone.


Weight Loss Counselling

Being overweight has implications for both physical and mental health.  Overeating can be an addiction and often is a symptom of other issues.  We work with children and their families to develop new habits to gain a slimmer healthier lifestyle.  We believe that there are no unhealthy foods, but there are unhealthy diets.  Any food can be part of a healthy diet.  We do not ban any foods - clients eat what they want in moderation.  Our programme is customised for every client to help you navigate normal life, whilst losing weight, making changes that are then sustainable to maintain the weight for life.

Costa del Sol

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Health and well-being are key to every person's ability to enjoy and live their life to the fullest but unfortunately, most people don't make it a priority in their life until they have an issue affecting them or their family. Thankfully we are blessed to have so many caring and talented people in the health care profession in southern Spain to take care of our needs.  Whether you are interested in conventional treatments, alternative remedies or a combination of both, we will be taking an in-depth look at each area of health and well-being for every stage of life from pregnancy to toddlers and children to adults and elderly living on the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar - and the many ways in which we can prevent illness - both physical and mental - with natural remedies and techniques. 

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