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Being a kid and teen today can be amazing - with so much more opportunities and fun things to do and making life more enjoyable - and this is especially true for those living or holidaying on the Costa del Sol where "hanging about" takes on a whole new meaning in a sunny climate chillin' on the beach or at many of the fun activity park areas and outdoor cafes making them positive and happy environments for tweens and teenagers to meet up and make friends.  Even better for parents as they don't need to give their kid or teen much encouragement to get out of the house into the fresh air and off the television, games or computers.


We will be taking an in-depth look at what positive individual and group activities are available to kids and teenagers in areas such as Marbella, Malaga City, Mijas, Coin, Estepona, Gibraltar and more - plus indoor pursuits and online resources too for winter/wet days.


However for teenagers, especially those living in a high level tourist location such as the Costa del Sol, can also bring about many challenges for parents trying to get them to focus on learning rather than "all fun". Then of course with hormones kicking in, young love, obsessions and disappointments, pressures from exams and possible isolation for teenagers that have recently moved with their family to Spain - it can also be a very lonely and worrying time for some teenagers. Sadly, without proper support, may under or over eat, turn to using alcohol, smoking and/or drugs as a way to cope being the main concerns for parents.


We will be looking into all of these areas of concern and are creating a Youth Focus Group to look at the needs of youth in southern Spain.


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