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Children's Day in Spain - 15 April

April 15, 2018




Today, 15th April, is Children’s Day here in Spain! (except in Madrid where it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May).


This commemorative day for children, was first introduced in June 1856 by Rev. Dr Charles Leonard in his church where he held a special service dedicated to, and for the children. (source: Wikipedia) and gradually countries all over the world adopted this concept and celebrate it on different days in a variety of ways.


To the Spanish it is known as Día del niño!


Spain is well know and recognised as being a very family focused and child-centred country, and is the main reason why so many families from all over the world choose to live here. (the warm climate and outdoor lifestyle helps too!)


The Spanish government recognizes how special and valuable children are by not only celebrating national Children’s Day on April 15, but they joined the Universal Children's Day (established by the UN General Assembly in 1954) which is celebrated on November 20, making it a twice yearly celebration. It is a reminder to adults about the rights that children have.


For parents, and those that care for children, remembering and celebrating Children's Day each year is a reminder of how wonderful it is to be a child: learning, growing, exploring and being care-free - full of wonder and joy (it's something that we should never stop doing even when we are adults and can learn a lot from children on how to live life).





Here at Kids on the Costa, we have tried to find locally organised events in Marbella, Estepona, Mijas, Malaga City, Sotogrande, Benalmadena, Torremolinos - and other local towns and villages - to help families celebrate this day on the Costa del Sol, but are disappointed to see that there aren't any (that we could find) and it leaves us wondering how many people are even aware that this national Children's Day exists!


If you know of any towns or villages that do organise festivities on this day for the kids and/or their families anywhere in southern Spain, please let us know by commenting below.


Of the Spanish families that are aware, as is typical in Spain, they will choose to celebrate this day by having a family gathering in the home enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal, or by going out to a restaurant or a café where the children will enjoy their favourite food, or visit a family fun place where the kids can really be let loose to enjoy themselves.





There are an abundance of restaurants and cafés here on the Costa del Sol serving every type of food you could imagine (and some you have never heard of before) where every type of cuisine and taste bud is catered for.


Kids on the Costa del Sol are so very fortunate to live in a place where the majority of their fun can be had outdoors most of the year for free in the sunshine: playing at the parks, on the beaches, swimming in the sea, cycling, skateboarding, playing sports, enjoying barbecues with the family....and so much more!


If you want your child to experience something a bit different from their usual activities, there are many different and unique types of family fun and kids activities, and the Malaga region has it all!




Check out our Family Fun section to get some ideas.


We encourage parents everywhere to take time out today and enjoy doing something fun and special with your child/children. Remind them of how very precious they are to you, and remember they are only children for a very short time.


Happy Children’s Day!




About the Author:

Lynne Duncan is a mum with many passions and works hard to be a guiding light to her two precious teenage children, which isn't an easy task in a world full of challenges and temptations. But with the enormous help of her Faith in Jesus and Trust in God, loving partner, family and friends - is herself guided and enlightened! She feels very blessed to be the editor and publisher of Kids on the Costa magazines and has a passion and a "calling" to make a difference to families by networking with others who are "making a difference", and by helping to spread positive thoughts, good and practical information, love, real joy, and gratitude into each family's life.

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