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Gabriel from NovaSchool Sunland International Blog

February 25, 2018


Hi! I'm Gabe. I'm 9 years old, I go to a school in Cartama called Novaschool Sunland International.


Recently, we had a cross country run with all of the local schools around Malaga and Marbella. I nearly got in, but I came seventh so I was in the reserve team. It was a very exciting day because all of our school were cheering on the runners and there were three times as many children in the school. It was the best we had ever done, we came second!







I have some hobbies I would like to share with you. I like playing football, cricket and my PE teacher said that I am very good at tennis but I don't really like tennis because it's not a team sport. I like playing my PS4, however, because I can interact with my friends while playing.


I play in a local football team which is very good. We won the cup last year and this year we are first so far! I am goalkeeper for the team.


The games I like playing on my PS4 are Fortnite, because you can play in teams to defeat other teams and the other game I like is Minecraft, because you can connect to the server and battle against other players.





Oh, I forgot to mention that I play the electric guitar with my dad. He used to play in a rock band. He's teaching me loads of rock tunes!


Speak Soon!





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