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Battlefield of the Mind Tools for Families

March 13, 2017


Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer are a series of books written for kids, teenagers and adults in a very easy to understand way, that are valuable, inspirational and motivational, leaving a lasting and positive impact on those that read them and apply the lessons learned to their lives.


Today we are very unfortunate to live in a society where there is so much pressure put on us from a very young age, to be successful, to look perfect, and to be all things to all people - but sadly these things are unrealistic goals for the majority of us, eventually leading many to feelings of despair, low self esteem, lack of confidence, relationship problems and negative self talk as we find it is impossible to live up to these expectations.


Thankfully, managing our mind and emotions is no longer a battlefield once we understand it better.



Mentally Strong


Each year we see a rise in mental health problems in families, with many children, teenagers and parents being affected, either suffering themselves or seeing this in a loved one.


The mind is a very fragile thing and our thoughts control our actions and behaviour, which can be either positive or negative.  The Battlefield of the Mind books explains this in a very easy to understand manner and helps us to see the strong connection between our thoughts, feelings and actions and how we apply these to our daily lives in every situation.


Sadly there are many people who are being treated for problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, sleeping and, emotional difficulties with medication that have unpleasant side effects and can be addictive when it often isn't necessary. 


The practical advice and teachings in the Battlefield of the Mind books teaches us how to understand ourselves better, no matter how old we are.



Parent Review:


"Joyce Meyer books have all made us stop and think what am I doing, how can I change my situation. Wow, this book has so many mind thoughts that kids experience. How many times have you asked why are you doing that, what made you think you could get a way with that. What are our kids thinking? So many times they are not aware of why they did what they did until confronted. If we have these same problems how much more do our kids. Between school and home a child has a lot to contend with. Sometimes we don't know why our child is misbehaving. What is he thinking, why is he acting out, what can we do to help him. This book is full of situations to help you and your child learn "to think about what he is thinking about " and it has Scriptures to back it up, key figure drawings and questions as you go through the book. I highly recommend this book to all parents and those who are taking care of a child."





Whilst these books have been created as educational tools to be learned and applied to your daily life and are proven to be of benefit to people all over the world, if you or a loved one is struggling to cope emotionally or mentally, we can't emphasis enough the importance of seeking professional help and reaching out to family and friends for support and joining a local church that can provide pastoral care.


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yours, Lynne x

"feeling mindful"



About the Author:

Lynne Duncan is a mum with many passions and works hard to be a guiding light to her two precious teenage children, which isn't an easy task in a world full of challenges and temptations. But with the enormous help of her Faith in Jesus and Trust in God, loving partner, family and friends - is herself guided and enlightened! She feels very blessed to be the editor and publisher of Kids on the Costa magazines and has a passion and a "calling" to make a difference to families by networking with others who are "making a difference", and by helping to spread positive thoughts, good and practical information, love, real joy, and gratitude into each family's life.





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