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What Can I Do To Encourage Good Habits in the New Year?

How many years have you made New Year resolutions, only to have them barely last a week? The key reasons resolutions fail are firstly that we over-commit: “I´m going to go to the gym 5 times a week, loose 10kgs, stop smoking, stop drinking, eat more vegetables, stop shouting at the kids, be a more understanding partner.” The second is that these are “to-do” things and they lack motivation. By flipping it to, “I want to buy a dress one size smaller this summer,” – that´s motivation. Now you have something to aim for, which you get by exercising more regularly and eating a healthier diet. The focus has changed to the end result – not the process of getting there. And you can celebrate by buying new clothes and feeling great about it. So, try it at home with your family:

  • Be clear about what you want as the end result.

  • Make sure it involves motivation rather than focus on the process.

  • Measure your progress.

  • Ensure that celebration is a key part of it!

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Andrea Robson is the Costa´s very own “Kids Coach” a Certified life coach for children form 8 years and upwards. Andrea supports children across the Costa with issues such as self-esteem, life skills, confidence, bullying, attitude and behaviour – all the things that worry you when you see your child in trouble at home and school. Andrea is a qualified teacher, former Head of School and a Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and co-author of “Igniting a Passion for Learning in the Primary School.” Please have a look at her website, and sign-up for free goodies such as e-books, and resources, plus her informative newsletter which contains information exclusive to subscribers.

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