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Toddlers to Preschool
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The world through the eyes of a toddler and preschooler is a wonderful thing where their imaginations run at their wildest and they soak up everything like a highly absorbent sponge and copy what they see rather than do what they are asked. :-)

It's a time to treasure but it can also be an exhausting time for parents as they try to keep up with their super high energy levels. Sometimes it can be difficult for younger children to wind down and parents to get them into a routine of play, learning and rest.


This is a key stage for preschoolers learning social skills and learning right from wrong, and as parents, we often need advice and guidance in this area, whether it be from family members, friends or professionals.  In Spain, family support is everything, and here in southern Spain, there is a wide range of support services and products to help you get through this very challenging stage of your child's development.

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